Glenhuntly Athletic Club encourages athletes of all ages and abilities to join our great club. Glenhuntly offers expert coaching for all ability levels in distance, sprints, throws, and jumps.

Glenhuntly Athletic Club is a registered club with Athletics Victoria and competes in summer and winter events. New members are always welcome. 

Membership of Glenhuntly Athletic Club is offered as competing membership and non-competing membership. Competing membership includes registration with Athletics Victoria from 1 April to 31 March. 

Non Competing Membership: For those who only wish to be a part of club training groups and to use the club track and facilities, basic membership is available.

Use this form for non-competing registration:

Glenhuntly Athletic Club – Member form 2021-22

Competing Membership:  For those who would like to represent the Club in competition, then membership with Athletics Victoria is required. This process is done online with Athletics Victoria accessed by

Once registered with Athletics Victoria and the Club, members can choose to select a winter XCR package or a summer AV Shield package or a Max Package including both winter and summer packages. The club enters teams in the relays at no cost to the individual.  

Membership Enquiries:  
Trevor Vincent



Club Registrar: 
Dana Dekkers