Victorian Junior Titles; magnificent results from 35 club juniors

March 19, 2018

N = National Qualifier
CR = Club Record

Thirty five Club juniors were in action over the weekend at the Victorian Junior Championships and there were some terrific results. Twenty medals were achieved (4 Gold, 7 Silver, and 9 Bronze) and many PBs too. There were 12 National Qualifiers as well as a Club U17/U18/U20 record to Juliet McBurney in the 2km Steeplechase.

Congratulations to all on a great weekend.



Jasper Pickering                      1500m             4.25.10q          4.20.17 15th
Haftu Strintzos                       1500m             4.10.47Q         4.02.42 7th
Ben Edwards                           400m               52.80 15th
Liam Halloran                          800m               2.00.35Q         1:56.00 5th
Yotam Kimchi                         Long Jump      6.42m 8th

Christine Byrne                      100m               12.41Q            12.28N Bronze
                                                  200m               26.28Q            25.96 Silver
Aisling O’Connor-Buckley   Long Jump      5.01m 9th
Claudia Carter                        400m               59.98q             60.67 6th


Adam Spencer                        1500m             3.59.30N Silver
                                                  400m               53.07q 51.85 5th
Jason Clayton                         1500m             4.12.47 6th
                                                  3000m             8.52.93N Silver
Alistair Strutt                          1500m             4.13.94 7th
                                                  800m               2.03.85 5th

Alana Porter                           Triple Jump    11.53m GOLD
                                                  Long Jump      5.56m GOLD
Sophie O’Sullivan                  1500m             4.34.36N Silver
                                                  400m               60.23Q            58.85N 5th
Jemma Stapleton                  100mH            15.39N Bronze
                                                 100m               13.07Q            13.11 4th
                                                 200m               28.19q             28.18 8th
Juliet McBurney                   2km Steeple    7.29.97CR Silver
                                                3000m             10.48.36N 6th


Romin Kodikara                     1500m             4.14.51 6th
                                                  800m               2.00.55QN      1.57.98N Bronze

Lukas Ryan                             100m               12.47 13th
Max Rosenberg                     Discus             34.62m 8th
                                                 Shot Put          12.23m 5th

Aisling O’Connor-Buckley 100mH            15.45N Silver
Genevieve O’Brien              1500m             5.07.93 5th
                                                400m               61.84q 62.53 7th
                                                800m               2.26.56 9th
Hayley Rees                         High Jump      1.45m 5th
Jordyne Orb                         Triple Jump    10.97m Bronze
Isabelle Harper                     Triple Jump    10.64m 5th
                                                Long Jump      5.08m 5th


Lochlan Curry                      High Jump      1.90mN GOLD
Liam Glew                             Triple Jump    11.76m 9th
                                                Hammer          31.28m 5th

Leah O’Sullivan                    400m               62.56q             DNS
Sophie Carne                       2km Steeple    7.52.15 5th
                                                3000m             11.41.71 7th


Rubin Howard                      1500m             4.42.74Q         4.45.07 10th
                                                800m   2.19.73 8th
James Harper                       Shot Put          8.23m 4th
                                                Javelin             21.71m 4th
                                                Shot Put          8.23m 4th
Finn Paynter                         100m               13.01Q            13.04 6th
                                                200m               26.14 5th
                                                400m               59.09q             60.60 7th
                                                Long Jump      5.14m 7th
Logan Janetski                      3000m             10.29.02 14th

Jessica Stefanovic                Shot Put          12.61m GOLD
                                                Javelin             25.71m Bronze
                                                Discus             28.63m Silver
                                                Hammer          31.48mN Bronze
Sophie Hanlon                      400m               59.95QN         60.49 Bronze
                                                800m               2.23.32N 4th
Polly Dean-Jones                    High Jump      1.50m Bronze
Emily Mackie                         High Jump      1.40m 8th


Amy Liu          Long Jump 4.48m 5th
                        Triple J 9.98m Bronze

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