Glenhuntly Athletic Club encourages athletes of all ages and abilities to join our great club. Glenhuntly offers expert coaching for all ability levels in distance, sprints, throws, and jumps.

Glenhuntly Athletic Club is a registered club with Athletics Victoria (AV) and competes in summer and winter events. New members are always welcome. 

Membership of Glenhuntly Athletic Club is offered as competing membership and non-competing membership options.

Annual registration fees apply to the period April 1 to March 31.

Recreational Fitness membership

If you want to attend our club training sessions, club-organised meets, and/or social events but are not yet keen to compete in Athletics Victoria programs, then this membership category is for you.


Competing Athlete membership

For those who would like to represent the Club in competition, then membership with Athletics Victoria is required.


  • Open/Masters: $273.10 per annum ($98 Glenhuntly Athletics plus $175.10 Athletics Victoria base athlete membership. Refer Notes for AV packages).

  • Junior: $191.05 per annum ($52 Glenhuntly Athletics plus $139.05 Athletics Victoria base athlete membership. Refer Notes for AV packages).


  1. Packages are available for XCR or Track and Field or both which also include the AV base membership and Club fee. Alternately, if you do not purchase a package, you can Pay As You Go for entries into Athletic Victoria events. Visit the AV website for more details.

  2. The Glenhuntly Athletics Club fee is bundled with the AV membership and is purchased via the AV portal.

   This gives you eligibility to participate in Athletics Victoria competitions while enjoying the camaraderie of club
athletics. You will have access to all of the benefits of the club's Recreational Fitness membership plus Athletics
Victoria membership.

Our club coaches offer expert coaching for all levels of ability in distance, sprints, throws, and jumps. They can support you to reach your goals, all the way up to elite-level competition.

Information about Athletics Victoria membership options

The membership process is managed online with Athletics Victoria. You will need to create an account to access the Athletics Victoria Members Portal where you can register for membership with the Club as well as Athletics Victoria. 

Social membership

This membership category is recommended fo those wanting to join in our social events, receive our regular newsletter and be part of the fabulous Glenhuntly Athletic Club community.

Cost: $40 per annum

Membership Enquiries
Trevor Vincent



Club Registrar: 
Dana Dekkers