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Legends - Glenhuntly Athletic Club 

The Hunter Legend Award is awarded to a Life Member who has continued an extraordinary contribution over a long period of time, well beyond the criteria of his or her Life Membership award, to the culture, longevity, and success of the Club and its members. Our Club Legends embody the spirit and character of The Hunters.

Life Members - Glenhuntly Athletic Club 

Glenhuntly Athletic Club's Life Members are those people who have contributed to the fabric of our club over many years. In large part, these people are responsible for the strong, vibrant organisation that Glenhuntly Athletic Club has upheld for over 100 years, and will continue to be for many more.

Glenhuntly Athletic Club Hall of Fame

Initial inductees to the Glenhuntly Athletics Hall of Fame were announced in 2022. To be considered for induction into the Hall of Fame, a club member must have:

  • been a club member for at least 3 years - but not as a second claim or junior member

  • represented the club in competition on at least 5 occasions

  • represented the sport at a high level, considered to be beyond state level

  • won a medal at national level as a minimum level of performance

The initial inductees were limited to World or Australian record holders and representation in Olympic and Commonwealth Games. Others will be added over the coming years, to include those who meet the above criteria.

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