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AVSL 2022/23 Round 1 Wrap

Glenhuntly Athletic Club - Latest News

Kulan Ranasinghe (L) and Niduka Ranasinghe Arachchig (R) - father and son going head-to-head over the closing stages of the 200 M at Knox on Saturday.

AVSL 2022/23 kicks off

After the deluge of rain on Friday, it was a pleasant surprise to see a fair bit of sunshine on Saturday 8th October to mark the official opening of Athletic Victoria’s Summer Track & Field season. Glenhuntly AC had 46 athletes compete and earn points for our club on the day. While most of our athletes competed at the Knox venue (Zone B) where Glenhuntly Athletic Club was rostered to provide Club Helpers, we also had good representation in the Walk events and 100 m sprints at the Aberfeldie venue (Zone A).

Welcome to newcomers

Making their debut at track & field competition in the Glenhuntly AC baby blue with some terrific performances were:

  • Michele Forbes F60

  • Joelle Jones F60

  • Alice Hollingsworth F16

  • Allegra Orso F16

  • Olin Buisman F14

  • Billy Howe M20

  • Antony Van Eeten M40

  • Katharine Wright FOP

  • Pitia Alphonse MOP

  • Xavier Wallace M18

  • Archie Sideridis M14

It was also great to see back at Track & Field after an absence Aggie Byers F40 and Alexander Newman M40.

Our standing on the Premier Division Ladder

At the end of the day, Glenhuntly AC finished 6th (out of 10 clubs) on the Premier Division ladder, with a score of 5 points (having earned 27, 560 points across all events). Essendon AC dominated the opening round, and it is clear we have a fair bit of work ahead of us to stay in the game this season.

Most Valuable Athletes

Congratulations to the following athletes who scored the most points for our club on the day and earned a place on Athletics Victoria’s top 100 Most Valuable Athletes. This listing identifies athletes who have scored the most points for their club each round, taking into account all athletes competing across all venues in Victoria for Round 1.

  • 4th Jazmin Firth (F16) 1,372 points

  • 8th Andrew Crawley (M55) 1,360 points

  • 86th Alexander Newman (M45) 1,059 points

  • 89th Sebastian Zammit (MOP) 1,053 points

Special mention to Nathan Golonka (M18) who scored 1,039 points, just a tick outside the top 100.

Club Helpers

Each club must supply a minimum number of club helpers at each round of AVSL. Glenhuntly AC relies on parents, partners, friends and our competing athletes to fill the B Zone Club Duty Roster each week. Our AVSL competitions couldn’t happen without the fabulous efforts of our club helpers. A big thank you to the following people who were our club helpers at the Knox venue for Round 1:

  • Aggie Byers

  • Victoria Haritos

  • Michael Halloran

  • Kurt Golonka

  • Victoria Tzivakis

  • Annika Muldeary

We also acknowledge the contribution of our club's Athletics Victoria Officials, Pam Noden, Margaret Dunbar and Maureen Austin to making the competition run smoothly at Knox.


Masters Women at Knox (L-R): Helen Rainey, Nat Esparon, Jo Jones, Kara Gilbert, Michele Forbes, Aggie Byers, Victoria Haritos

National Qualifier

  • A big congratulations to Laura Wong U15 who ran a National qualifier in the 100 m, in a time of 12.82.

Club Records

  • Allegra Orso broke the FU15 Triple Jump record of 11.15m set in 2001 with a jump of 11.23m.

  • Archie Sideridis broke the MU13 1,500m record of 4:33.9 set in 1986 with a run of 4:28.7.

  • Gwen Steed set a new 1,500m walk record for F80-84, walking a time of 10:48.2.

  • Anna Ross set a new high jump record for F35-39, with a leap of 1.33m.

Open Women

  • Well done to our four Hunters women - Anna Ross, Jenny King, Amy McKinley and Katharine Wright - who put in strong performances across the 200 m, 800 m, Shot Put, and High Jump.

  • Special shout out to our highest points scorer on the day, Anna Ross, who competed in 3 events..

  • Congratulations to Amy McKinley for a great season opener over the 800 M, clocking the fastest time across the State for Open Women in 2:19.5 (albeit only just beaten by our own F18 athlete Tanasha Santosh at the Knox track, showing the Hunters' mean business in women's middle distance running this season!).

  • Amy also scored the highest score in a single event for our Open Women's team.

Open Men

  • The Open Men fielded the same number of athletes as our Open Women , and accrued some terrific points with stellar results. Well done to Chris Byron, Theo Soldati, Pitia Alphonse and Sebastian Zammit.

  • Welcome back Sebastian Zammit, who competed in 3 throwing events at Aberfeldie and Knox.

Under Age Women

  • Great to see our junior girls back in action. Some new PB’s were set or at least a Season Best to beat at the next round

  • Welcome to newcomers Alice Hollingsworth, Alegra Orso and Olin Buisman competing at their first AV meet. We hope you enjoyed yourselves!

Under Age Men

  • Our U16 sprinters got off to a good start to the season with Nicholas Goodman posting the fastest U16 time of the day and Jaikiah Honner the 4th fastest

  • Archie Sideridis ran a quick 1500m and his 4:27.7 looks to be an U13 club record - well done Archie

  • Whilst we have a good number of Under Age Men now registered only 11 team members were able to compete last weekend. Looking forward to a big increase in participation at home track this Saturday

Masters Women

  • Nine Masters Women in total competed at both Knox and Aberfeldie.Our top 3 scorers were: Toni Matters F50 (917 points), Victoria Haritos F60 (573 points), and Heather Carr F70 (531 points).

  • Special mention to Gwen Steed F70 who ranked 3rd in the Graded State Age Group Results for F40 in the 1500 m Walk – an impressive result given that Gwen was the oldest athlete in the field.

Masters Men

  • Six Masters Men competed at both Knox and Aberfeldie contributing 5,244 points to the club total.

  • New comer Antony Van Eeten completed 3 track events in style and we look forward to his contribution over the season.

  • Welcome back to Alex Newman after a break.

  • Highlight - seeing Niduka (son) beat Kulan (father) to the finish of the 200m at Knox.

Next Round

Round 2 will be at our home ground, Duncan Mackinnon Athletic Track. Entries close midday 12th October 2022 – Click Here to Enter


Glenhuntly Results Round 1as posted on the Athletics Victoria Results Hub

FOP 200m: Jennifer King 27.03 (-1.0); Katharine Wright 28.72 (-2.0); Anna Ross 31.55 (-1.8); Catherine Burton DNS; Anusha Kankanamage DNS; 800m: Amy McKinley 2:19.5h; High Jump: Anna Ross 1.33m; Shot Put: Katharine Wright 5.70m; Jennifer King 6.22m; Anusha Kankanamage DNS; Anna Ross 6.24m; F20 Javelin: Gemma Craddock 29.43m; F18 200m: Thanya Vijayakumar DNS; 800m: Tanasha Santosh 2:18.4h; Thanya Vijayakumar 2:23.6h; Tamzyn Dolgoy 2:29.2h; Shot Put: Isabella Hollins 9.41m; F16 100m: Alice Hollingsworth 13.10 (2.4); Isabel Zhang 13.42 (+0.0); Jazmin Firth 13.76 (+0.0); 400m: Jazmin Firth 60.07; 90m Hurdles: Alice Hollingsworth 14.68 (1.0); Jazmin Firth DNS; Discus: Jazmin Firth 34.16m; Long Jump: Jazmin Firth DNS; Isabel Zhang 4.68m; Triple Jump: Allegra Orso 11.23m (0.2); F14 100m: Laura Wong 12.82 (1.6); Adele Roche DNS; 200m: Abbie Jeacock 30.29 (-0.6); 400m: Adele Roche DNS; 800m: Olin Buisman 2:54.5h; 80m Hurdles: Laura Wong 12.83 (2.0); Triple Jump: Abbie Jeacock 9.40m; F40 200m: Aggie Byers 32.62 (-2.0); Kara Gilbert 34.46 (-1.6); Joelle Jones 37.39 (-0.4); Michele Forbes 43.52 (-0.4); 800m: Kara Gilbert 2:55.0h; Helen Rainey 3:15.2h; Joelle Jones 3:28.3h; 1500m Walk: Gwen Steed 10:48.2h; 3000m Walk: Heather Carr 18:42.6h; Hammer: Toni Matters 21.58m; High Jump: Toni Matters 1.03m; Victoria Haritos 1.08m; Shot Put: Toni Matters 9.38m; Victoria Haritos 5.92m; Kara Gilbert DNS; Triple Jump: Aggie Byers 8.00m; MOP 200m: Chris Byron 24.49 (1.7); Theo Soldati 26.10 (-0.4); Pitia Alphonse 26.24 (-2.0); Discus: Sebastian Zammit 30.60m; Javelin: Sebastian Zammit 28.63m; Shot Put: Sebastian Zammit 8.58m; Chris Byron 7.01m; Triple Jump: Theo Soldati 10.18m (2.0); M20 800m: William Howe 2:15.9h; High Jump: Lochlan Curry 1.95m; M18 100m: Charlie Steen DNS; 200m: William Wong 23.40 (1.7); Tyler De Sa 24.46 (0.3); Nathan Golonka 26.19 (-1.9); Niduka Ranasinghe Arachchig 26.75 (-0.3); 800m: Kevin Zhou 2:05.4h; Xavier Wallace 2:14.8h; 400m Hurdles: Niduka Ranasinghe Arachchig 70.34; Discus: Charlie Steen NM; High Jump: Nathan Golonka 1.68m; Javelin: Charlie Steen DNS; Long Jump: Charlie Steen DNS; Shot Put: Niduka Ranasinghe Arachchig 6.21m; Triple Jump: Nathan Golonka 10.79m; M16 100m: Nicholas Goodman 11.53 (1.4); Jaikiah Honner 11.74 (1.9); 400m: Will Orchard DNS; High Jump: Jaikiah Honner DNS; Long Jump: Jaikiah Honner 5.35m; M14 100m: Archie Sideridis DNS; 1500m: Archie Sideridis 4:28.7h; M40 100m: Antony Van Eeten 14.05 (0.2); 200m: Kulan Ranasinghe 27.09 (-0.3); Alexander Newman 27.31 (+0.0); Kurt Golonka DNS; 400m: Antony Van Eeten 62.97; 1500m: Antony Van Eeten 4:35.0h; 400m Hurdles: Kulan Ranasinghe 67.99; Discus: Andrew Crawley 32.54m; Hammer: Andrew Crawley 33.84m; Alexander Newman 21.05m; Ben Hodgens 30.75m; High Jump: Ben Hodgens DNS; Shot Put: Kurt Golonka 6.56m; Andrew Crawley 10.92m; Alexander Newman 10.51m; Ben Hodgens 10.26m; Kulan Ranasinghe 6.95m


Contributors: Team Managers - Jenny King (Open Women), Chris Byron (Open Men), Carl Hollins & Matt Firth (Underage W), Michael Halloran (Underage Men), Kara Gilbert (Masters Women), Andrew Crawley (Masters Men)

Curated by: Kara Gilbert

Date published: 11th October, 2022

This article has been published in good faith, drawing on available data. Please contact if you notice any errors or omissions in the above results or would like to see additional content included.


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