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AVSL 2022/23 Round 5 Wrap

Glenhuntly Athletic Club – Latest News

Glenhuntly athletes at Casey Fields

Saturday 19th November 2022

It was a relief to see no serious weather disruptions to Round 5 at both Casey Fields and Meadow Glen, albeit our athletes had to tackle the wind and patches of rain at both venues. We had our walkers compete well in the conditions at Meadow Glen, and our 3000m/5000 m athletes at Casey Fields were blessed with a spell of sunshine for their races late in the day.

Our members wore black armbands in memory of Phil Hutton, who passed away on 14th November. Club Legend, Life Member, and the author of the recently published club history, Phil was a club member for over 60 years and one of our most dedicated and admired members.

Our standing on the Premier Division Ladder

With no new starters this week, no records of note, and perhaps a smaller turnout from the Hunters than at previous rounds, we unfortunately dipped down to 6th place on the Premier Division Ladder. Our most successful age groups in AVSL Round 5 according to Athletic Victoria's State Age Group Scores were our U20 Men who finished 6th in the state with 1,464 points and our Masters Women 40+ who finished 3rd in the state with 5,361 points.

Most Valuable Athletes

Congratulations to the following athletes who earned a place on Athletic Victoria's 100 Most Valuable Athletes list for Round 5:

  • 8th Jazmin Firth 1,384 F16

  • 90th Charlie Steen 1,035 M18

Highlights of the Day

Open Women

  • Our four Open athletes put in some great efforts at Casey Fields. Well done to Catherine Burton, Katharine Wright, Avestina Zhong, and Anushka Kankanamage.

  • Kudos to Catherine Burton who earned the most points (348 pts) competing in the 200 m and 800 m.

Catherine Burton striding out in the 800 m at Casey Fields (photo by ADG Images via AV)

Open Men

  • Sebastian Zammit held the fort for the Open Men, being the sole Open Men's athlete competing for Glenhuntly AC on the day.

  • Sebastian accrued points in the 200 m and Shot Put at Casey Fields.

Junior Girls

  • We fielded a small but strong contingent of girls who competed across both venues.

  • Shout out to Jazmin Firth who finished 8th on AV's Most Valuable Athletes list.

  • Elle Wilson won her 800 m heat at Casey Fields, in her second run for the club.

  • Noa Kino jumped strongly in the High Jump and Triple Jump at Casey Fields.

Noa Kino F20 in action at Casey Fields (photo by ADG Images via AV)

Underage Men

  • This was the club's strongest cohort on the day, producing some terrific results at both Casey Fields and Meadow Glen.

  • Our U20 Men finished 6th in the state with 1,464 points on Athletic Victoria's State Age Group Scores.

  • Charlie Steen earned a place in AV's list of 100 Most Valuable Athletes.

Brady Ryan M16 winning his 800 M heat at Casey Fields (photo by ADG Images via AV)

Masters Women

  • Our Masters Women 40+ finished 3rd in the state with 5,361 points.

  • Kara Gilbert earned the most points among our women (709 pts) with efforts in the 200 m, 800 m, and 3,000 m.

  • Our walkers - Gwen Steed, Heather Carr and Kylie Irshad, did a great job at Meadow Glen, as did Lou McLean who was there, too, running in the 100 m.

  • It was super to have Lisa Deramond back in action, kicking goals on the track in the 800 m and 3000 m.

Aggie Byers on the home straight in the 200 m at Casey Fields (photo by ADG Images via AV)

Masters Men

  • We had a smaller turnout from the Male Masters this round, with a total of 2459 points towards the club total.

  • Only Antony Van Eeten scored over 400 points this round, in the 1500m.

Antony Van Eeton. M45 leading Kane Hijikema M16 in the 3000 m at Casey Fields (photo by ADG Images via AV)

Next Round

Round 6 will be at Yarra Ranges (Zone B) and Doncaster (Zone A) venues. Entries close midday Wed 30th November 2022 – Click Here to Enter (note: this is the link to the Rev Sport portal).

Note, we are required to supply club helpers at Yarra Ranges for Round 6.

Glenhuntly Athletic Club is allocated to Metropolitan Zone B (refer to AVSL Zones). Our club has rostering commitments to Zone B venues with respect to supplying Club Helpers at each round (refer to Zone B – Club Duty Roster), hence: Glenhuntly Athletic Club encourages our athletes to attend the Zone B venues for competition.

Note, we appreciate some athletes will preference Zone A for event-specific purposes – that is okay!

Here are the remaining Rounds/Venues in Zone B where Glenhuntly Athletic Club will need to supply Club Helpers:

  • Yarra Ranges Athletic Track (Yarra Ranges) – Rounds 6, 9

  • Mackinnon Athletic Track (Murrumbeena) – Round 8

  • Casey Fields Regional Athletics Centre (Casey) – Round 7


Glenhuntly Results Round 4 – as posted on the Athletics Victoria Results Hub


100m: Avestina Zhong ; Katharine Wright 13.75 (-0.6);

200m: Katharine Wright 27.85 (-0.8); Avestina Zhong 28.31 (3.3); Catherine Burton 35.42 (3.8); Anusha Kankanamage DNS; Anna Ross DNS; Avestina Zhong DNS;

400m: Chiara Zagame DNS;

800m: Catherine Burton 3:11.23;

High Jump: Anna Ross DNS; Avestina Zhong DNS; DNS;

Shot Put: Anusha Kankanamage 4.78m; Anna Ross DNS; Avestina Zhong DNS;

Triple Jump: Avestina Zhong DNS;


High Jump: Noa Kino 1.60m;

Triple Jump: Noa Kino 8.84m;


800m: Ella Wilson 2:40.70; Thanya Vijayakumar DNS;


100m: Jazmin Firth 13.03 (6.9); Allegra Orso 13.43 (2.0); Isabel Zhang DNS;

200m: Layla Marvin 47.27 (4.1); Allegra Orso DNS;

400m: Jazmin Firth 63.6h;

800m: Layla Marvin 4:01.16;

Discus: Jazmin Firth 35.96m; 37.78m;

Long Jump: Isabel Zhang DNS; Allegra Orso 5.02m (3.1);

Triple Jump: Allegra Orso DNS;


100m: Laura Wong 12.93 (4.5); Adele Roche 13.33 (2.0);

400m: Adele Roche 68.0h;

80m Hurdles: Laura Wong 12.99 (0.7);


100m: Louise McLean 15.12 (4.3);

200m: Aggie Byers 33.02 (7.5); Kara Gilbert 33.91 (7.5); Joelle Jones 34.67 (4.1); Svitlana Korchova DNS;

800m: Kara Gilbert 2:57.08; Rozlyn Walker 3:13.55; Joelle Jones 3:25.50; Lisa Deramond 3:46.30;

3000m: Kara Gilbert 14:22.2h; Rozlyn Walker 14:26.8h; Lisa Deramond 15:18.1h;

3000m Walk: Kylie Irshad 17:03.7h; Heather Carr 19:36.8h; Gwen Steed 21:41.7h;

Hammer: Toni Matters 17.15m;

High Jump: Victoria Haritos DNS;

Shot Put: Toni Matters 9.80m; Victoria Haritos DNS; Lisa Deramond 4.03m; Rozlyn Walker 4.53m; Kara Gilbert 5.58m; Aggie Byers 6.54m;

Triple Jump: Aggie Byers 7.64m;


200m: Sebastian Zammit 28.32 (2.1); Theo Soldati DNS; James Hatton DNS;

Shot Put: Sebastian Zammit 9.79m;

Triple Jump: Theo Soldati DNS;


200m: Nathan Bickford 26.15 (3.6); Lochlan Curry DNS;

High Jump: Lochlan Curry 1.85m; Nathan Bickford 1.80m;

Shot Put: Nathan Bickford 7.82m;

Triple Jump: Lochlan Curry DNS; Nathan Bickford 10.71m;


100m: Charlie Steen 13.17 (3.9); William Wong DNS; Henry Sutherland DNS;

200m: Lachlan Marriner 22.80 (3.0); Nathan Golonka DNS; Niduka Ranasinghe Arachchig DNS;

800m: Kevin Zhou 2:03.92;

110m Hurdles: William Wong 14.33 (4.9);

400m Hurdles: Niduka Ranasinghe Arachchig 70.47;

Discus: Charlie Steen 42.12m; 43.97m;

High Jump: Nathan Golonka 1.60m; Henry Sutherland 1.70m;

Javelin: Charlie Steen NM;

Long Jump: Charlie Steen 4.81m;

Triple Jump: Nathan Golonka 11.08m;


100m: Nicholas Goodman 11.11 (2.8);

800m: Brady Ryan 2:03.34; Archie Mattsson 2:12.29;

3000m: Kane Hijlkema 9:45.7h;

High Jump: Fraser Mattinson DNS; Matthew Cox 1.55m;

Shot Put: Fraser Mattinson 10.16m;

Triple Jump: Matthew Cox DNS; Tully Smith DNS;


100m: Matthew Milias DNS;

800m: Shamir Freedman 2:17.48;

90m Hurdles: Matthew Milias DNS;

Long Jump: Matthew Milias 5.66m (3.9);


100m: Charlie Sutherland DNS;

200m: Kulan Ranasinghe DNS;

400m: Mickael Soussan DNS;

800m: Antony Van Eeten 2:18.10;

1500m: Charlie Sutherland 5:04.2h;

3000m: Antony Van Eeten 10:05.8h;

400m Hurdles: Kulan Ranasinghe 66.41;

Hammer: Ben Hodgens DNS; Jeff Lang 12.91m;

High Jump: Ben Hodgens DNS;

Javelin: Mickael Soussan DNS;

Shot Put: Kurt Golonka 6.79m; Ben Hodgens DNS; Kulan Ranasinghe 6.90m; Jeff Lang 6.74m

- Photo Gallery Round 5 AVSL2022/23 -

Photos from AV Facebook by Ryk Neethling (Take My Snap) and Steve Alder-Goad (ADG Images) plus some personal pics by our members


Contributors: Team Managers - Jenny King (Open Women), Chris Byron (Open Men), Carl Hollins & Matt Firth (Underage W), Michael Halloran (Underage Men), Kara Gilbert (Masters Women), Andrew Crawley (Masters Men)

Curated by: Kara Gilbert

Date published: 27th November, 2022

This article has been published in good faith, drawing on available data. Please contact if you notice any errors or omissions in the above results or would like to see additional content included.


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