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Results Race #2 Winter Series

Glenhuntly Athletic Club - Latest News

Virtual Race #2

1500 metres time trial OR distance covered in 15 minutes

4-10 September

We have finally crunched the results for virtual Race #2. Thank you for your patience as we worked on this. Our tardiness has no real basis, other than perhaps a case of COVID lockdown-related fatigue. The days are becoming a blur. What else is there to do but run!

Kudos to all of you who took part in virtual Race #2. You keep us all inspired, for sure. While the number of participants was, again, not quite what we were expecting, the quality of everyone's efforts was really super. It takes some guts to run a solo run with 100% effort and then log your time for all to see; especially in these strange times, when regular competition is on hold and everyone is running to a different seasonal tempo than what they might have originally planned.

Special feats

The following feats deserve a special shout out.

  • Dana Dekkers, you did it again! In the same vein as Race #1, you were overall Number 1 in your event of choice, covering the furthest distance in 15 minutes (4.34 km) of all our male and female participants. And, you did that on a footy oval. That's a job very well done.

  • Mickael Soussan and Rebecca Kirkham - our fastest athletes, both claiming the male and female short course crowns, respectively, over 1500 metres.

  • Rhydian Cowley - just back from the heat of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics and your top 10 finish (8th) in the 50 km walk. What an honour to have you in the mix. Did you run or walk that 15 minutes on the Merri Creek Trail?

  • Andrew McEvoy - the only one to contest both the 15-minute and 1500 metre challenges, and with some impressive efforts.

  • Javan Schultz and Christina Murphy - it was terrific to see our Emerson athletes, who were both awarded the Nicholas Hum Scholarship in 2020, out there running with the Hunters.

  • Maggie Armstrong and Stephen Murphy - we were delighted to see Essendon Athletics join us, again. You may well both have been our oldest participants, and that's intended as a compliment. The Hunters have a strong Masters representation - we're fairly proud of it.

  • Nick van Agtmaal (running in Cambridge, UK) and Nick Harrison (running on Peregian Beach in Queensland) - our two Nicks were our very special trans-border participants. Noteworthy that Nick Harrison, a former world-class long distance runner who represented Australia in the marathon at the 2004 Summer Olympics, calls himself a 'past' Hunter. Ahh, once a Hunter, always a Hunter - we still claim you, Nick!

  • Kellie Macknamara - what a comeback after your cancer recovery. All due respect for putting yourself on the start line and clocking a time for the 1500 metres. It's early days, and the times you clock are not what matter now. You will get stronger and faster without a doubt. We love your tenacity.

Full results

Full results are shown below, in age group categories. Click on the images to enlarge the text.

Overall champions (out of all participants, male and female)

Junior results

Open results

Masters results


Kara Gilbert @ KMG Communications

Date: 20th September, 2021


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