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XCR22 Round 2: St Anne's Bendigo

Glenhuntly Athletic Club - Latest News

Glenhuntly Athletic Club's Premier women finish #1. Super results by all.

It was terrific to see a good turnout by our Glenhuntly Athletic Club athletes at Bendigo on Saturday 28th May, to kick-start the 2022 XCR individual rounds. This was the first running of the Bendigo 8 KM course in Athletics Victoria's XCR program, and the 2-hour drive from Melbourne was well worth the trip. While the hills were perhaps not quite running 'paradise', the picturesque vineyards, green grass and crisp air heightened our exhilaration and undoubtedly motivated moments of acceleration over the course. The uphill slog to get over the finish line was memorable, and some tough battles were had with our club rivals in the home stretch. We all came home strong, which translated into solid results across all of our Divisions and age groups.


Team results

Our Women's Premier team (8 KM) stormed home to take 1st place, with all 5 of our athletes finishing in the top 20. Thus, while Box Hill claimed 1st and 2nd, Glenhuntly Athletic Club showed off our team calibre. Well done to Emma Hogan (6th, 29:47), Emilie Guy (12th, 31:06), Anna Kentwell (14th, 31:15), Cassie Little (16th, 31:34), and Bec Beagley (20th, 31:57).

Our Men's 50+ team (8 KM) threw down the gauntlet loud and clearly to their challengers this season, beating off the home-turf club, Bendigo Region, to take 1st place on the ladder. Super running from Rob O'Donnell (3rd, 29:33), Antonio Russo (6th, 30:48), and Peter Rushen (34:38).

Jack Highnam in contemplation before the start of the 8 KM race.

Three of our teams finished in 4th place, showing our consistency across the first 2 rounds. Men's Premier (8 KM) team - Sam Toll (11th, 25:31), Ben Kelly (19th, 25:58), Will Ockenden (48th, 27:11), Jack Highnam (53rd, 27:21), Tom McFarlane (72nd, 27:44), Denyan Claxton (73rd, 27:46). Men's U18 (4 KM) team - Aidan Velten (4th, 13:18), Xavier Wallace (20th, 14:54), Mark Rainey (28th, 21:06). Women's 50+ (8 KM) team - Gill Highnam (9th, 37:30), Kim Nanscawen (13th, 39:04), Kara Gilbert (24th, 43:49).

Our coaches, Trevor Vincent and Lesley Grimes, providing support on the course with stalwart club members.

Individual results

Kim Nanscawen (Women's 55+ 8 KM) 2nd place, 39:04. Kim took a break from track running over summer but has obviously been keeping herself in fine form. She has launched into the 2022 XCR season with some very impressive results, both at Jells Park for Round 1 and on Saturday at Bendigo for Round 2. She is a true inspiration for our Masters women.

Rob O'Donnell (Men's 50+ 8 KM) 3rd place, 29:33. Rob is no stranger to the Bendigo terrain. A former Australian distance running representative, including at World XC Championships, Rob won the Australian XC 12 KM Championships (time: 37:07) held in Bendigo on 2nd September, 1995. Now returning to competitive running, Rob let it be known to his M50+ competitors on Saturday that he will be a strong force to contend with this season, finishing a close 3rd (29:33), with only 8 seconds between him and Collingwood's renowned Magnus Michelsson. It's good to see Rob back in the Hunters singlet and back into XCR!

Aidan Velten (Men's U18 4 KM) 4th place, 13:18. Falling just short of a podium finish in what was a very competitive field, Aidan held off some serious contenders in a battle all the way down to the line for 4th placing, proving he is made of tough stuff. Congratulations to Aiden (4th, 13:18). We look forward to watching Aiden run his next race.

Emma Hogan (Women's Premier 8 KM) 6th place, 29:47). Emma might want to consider transferring from pro triathlon to pro athletics, given her recent run of stellar performances! She is definitely giving our State's top athletes a real run for their money.

Sam Toll (Men's Premier 8 KM) 11th place, 25:31. Sam kept the pressure on his fellow competitors during the race, just missing out on a top 10 finish. Gutsy running by Sam (pictured here with Ben Kelly).

Special mentions

Good to see Helen Rainey back in action. And, great to have Michele Forbes make her debut in an individual XC event. Congrats to them both for holding the fort in the Women's 50+ 4 KM, finishing 2nd on the results ladder.

All of our Junior boys put in great efforts on the day, on what was a very challenging course. Well done to (U18 4 KM) Aidan Velton, Xavier Wallace, Mark Rainey - finishing 4th on the ladder; and to (U16 3 KM) Will O'Shannessy and Jackson Sealie, finishing 6th on the ladder.

Fabulous to see our W60+ Lisa Deramond and Victoria Haritos run the 8 KM course and also W60+ Michele Forbes run the 4 KM. True trailblazers for women! AV doesn't acknowledge a 60+ age category for women as it does for the men. Go figure! We will recognise their achievements (i.e., placings and times) in Glenhuntly Athletic Club's own documentation of results for the W60+ age group.

Summary of results

- Photo Gallery Glenhuntly Athletic Club @ St Anne's Bendigo -

Photos by JAZZ DEOL Photography and Take.My.Snap, via Athletics Victoria, plus some personal pics by our members

Next events

The next event of the XCR season is Round 3 of XCR, which will be an individual at Cruden Farm on Saturday 18th June. Entries close noon Wednesday 15th June. Make sure you enter well ahead of the event to avoid disappointment. More information can be found here.

This will be followed closely by the Eikeden Relay at St Anne's Winery in Myrniong on Saturday 25th June. Your Team Managers will be in touch as we will need expressions of interest no later than 18th June to organise relay teams for this event. Entries close 20th June, and are entered by the club.

Go Hunters!

Author: Kara Gilbert

Date published: 1st June, 2022

This article has been published in good faith, drawing on available data. Please contact if you notice any errors or omissions in the above results or would like to see additional content included.


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