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2023 Vic Track & Field Champs U14–U18

Glenhuntly Athletic Club – Latest News

Cooper Acklom Bronze Medallist MU16 Pole Vault. Photo by Neal Condor.

A great turnout by our young Hunters

It was big weekend of competition for all of the Glenhuntly under-age team members. In prior years competition had been spread over two weekends, but this year all events, heats and finals, occurred across the one weekend. Adding to the physical challenge the weather provided a bit of everything, with hot conditions at the start of weekend, plenty of wind at times, some rain on Saturday afternoon and pretty good conditions to finish off the meet on Sunday. Congratulations to the 52 Glenhuntly under-age team members who competed in 77 different events across the weekend.

Gold Medallist, Matti Milias. Photo by Neal Condor.

All of the results are provided at the end of this report however, a call out to those team members who competed in three or more events over the weekend:

● Brae Bernasconi - U15 200, high jump and javelin

● Adele Roche - U15 100, 200, 400 and high jump

● Laura Wong - U15 100, 90m hurdles, 200m hurdles

● Matthew Milias - U15 200, 400, 100m hurdles, 200m hurdles and long jump

● Jazmin Firth - U16 200, 400 and discus

● Julia Ziatseva - U16 100, 200 and 200m hurdles

● Cooper Acklom - U16 100m hurdles, 200m hurdles, discus, shot put and pole vault

● Tully Smith - U16 long, high and triple jumps

● Isabel Zhang - U17 100, 200, long and triple jumps

● Fraser Mattinson - U16 discus, shot put and javelin

● Isabella Hollins - U18 100, javelin and pole vault

● Tom Templeton - U18 100, 200 and long jump

Between them, this group competed in 40 events, many involving heats. No doubt, all slept very well on Sunday night.

The Glenhuntly Athletic Club was strongly represented across the whole weekend of competition and there were many outstanding performances, personal bests and records broken. And we still have the U20 team members to compete next weekend.

Madison King leading the pack. Photo by Jazz Deol. Quads of Fury.




Archie Sideridis U14 1500m 4:21.77 New club record

Archie Sideridis U14 800m 2:12.33

Matthew Milias U15 200m 23:62 New club record

Matthew Milias U15 400m 51:85

Matthew Milias U15 100m hurdles 14:28 New club record

Matthew Milias U15 200m hurdles 26:38 New club record

Jazmin Firth U16 Discus 31:63

Cooper Acklom U16 Discus 42:21


Laura Wong U15 90m hurdles 13:54 New club record

Laura Wong U15 200m hurdles 30:11 New club record

Matthew Milias U15 Long Jump 5:94

Julia Zaitseva U16 200m 26:12

Alice Hollingsworth U16 100m 13:03

Maddison King U16 3000m 9:54:95 New club record

Allegra Orso U16 Triple Jump 11:73

Jazmin Firth U16 400m 59.30

Luka Sideridis U16 1500m 4:04.43

Brady Ryan U16 800m 2:01.83

William Short U17P 1500m 4:48.22

Isabella Hollins U18 Pole Vault 2:30

William Wong U18 110 hurdles 14:36


Adele Roche U15 400m 59:84

Julia Zaitseva U16 100m 12.80

Julia Zaitseva U16 200m hurdles 32:96

Maddison King U16 1500m 4:35.34

Tully Smith U16 Triple Jump 11:61

Cooper Acklom U16 200m hurdles 26:38 New club record

Cooper Acklom U16 Shot Put 12:75 New club record

Cooper Acklom U16 Pole Vault 2:80

Tanasha Santosh U18 800m 2:14.50

Isabella Hollins U18 100m hurdles 16:70

Congratulations to all of our medallists and in particular to our newest State Champions Archie Sideridis U14, Matthew Milias U15, Jazmin Firth U16 and Cooper Acklom U16. In particular congratulations to Archie and Matthew who hold multiple titles and Julia Zaitseva who medalled in three events, Cooper Acklom who medalled in four events and Matthew Milias who had an amazing meet bringing home five medals four of which were gold.

Whilst very exciting for all of the above who brought home a medal there is always someone who finishes fourth just off the medal podium. There were 10 Glenhuntly team members who finished agonisingly close to a medal: Laura Wong U15 100m; Brae Bernasconi U15 javelin; Allegra Orso U16 long jump; Angus Brown U15 400m; Fraser Mattinson U15 javelin; Jazmin Firth U16 200m; Molly Phillips U16 3000m; Cooper Acklom U16 100m hurdles; Isabel Wang U17 200m; Thanya Vijayakumar U18 800m; and Charlie Steen U18 discus.

All of the team members who medalled have qualified to compete at the National Athletics Championships. There are also many of our team who have achieved qualifying times, heights and distances which also enable them to compete at the Nationals. All the best to those team members who will travel to the National Champs in April as representatives of Victoria, we will watch the results closely.


There would have been many personal best heights, times and distances broken over the weekend. Congratulations to everyone who broke their personal best performances during the Victorian Championships. As you will have noted in the table above there were several club records broken over the weekend. Congratulations to Archie, Matthew, Laura, Maddison and Cooper who all set new club records.

There was another club record broken where the individual did not receive a medal. Congratulations to Molly Phillips who broke the club U15 3000m record.

Laura Wong Silver U15 Medallist 90 M Hurdles. Photo by Neal Condor.


There were lots of highlights, many of which have been noted above through receipt of medals and setting of new club record times. One highlight that will not be obvious relates to Luka Sideridis and his recovery following injury. After a great athletics season in 2022 Luka unfortunately injured his knee playing basketball and required a knee reconstruction. After a long rehabilitation process Luka commenced running again in late 2022. He stuck to his guns and it was great to see Luka getting back to his previous potential, winning a silver medal in the U16 1500m - well done Luka.

There were a number of Glenhuntly team members who missed the VIC Champs due to injury and we look forward to seeing you back on the track or field in similar fashion to Luka.

Alice Hollingsworth had an outstanding run in her 100m heat for a personal best time of 12.94. Well done Alice for collecting a bronze medal in the final after a judges review of the photo finish needed to separate 2nd and 3rd places.

Well done to both Alica and Isabel Zhang setting new PB’s for their 200m times

Adele Roche had a terrific run in her 400m races over the weekend to set her new PB below 60 sec.

Less than 0.1 sec separated 1st and 2nd in the U15 Girls 90m Hurdles and setting a new PB for Laura Wong in her 3rd run at this distance.

Cooper Acklom and Isabella Hollins are now officially Pole Vaulters after both picking up medals in their respective events. Stu Mackie was very proud of his new Vaulters.

William Wong had an interesting finish to his 100m Hurdles race calling on his parkour skills to cross the finish line.

The team managers have endeavoured to pick up all of the medal results, new club records, some of the personal bests and highlights that occurred over the weekend. If we missed anything please let them know.

Kane Hijikema U16 1500 M. Photo by Jazz Deol, Quads of Fury.

Club Helpers

Thanks to all of the families of team members who assisted with club duty across the VIC Championships weekend. As one of the largest clubs, with many team members competing, we are allocated several club helper spots we must fill. It is through team member families that we can support the Athletics Victoria team run great events, so thanks to everyone listed below for your assistance.

  • Evette Cordy

  • Femke Buisman-Pijlman

  • Craig Ball

  • Josh Acklom

  • Darryl Brown

  • Campbell Smith

  • Carl Hollins

  • SJ Hollingsworth

Photo by Jazz Deol, Quads of Fury.

Glenhuntly AC Results – 2023 Victorian Track & Relay Championships U14–U18

Female 18

100m: Isabella Hollins 13.11 (-0.0) (P);

800m: Tanasha Santosh 2:14.50 (3rd); Thanya Vijayakumar 2:14.83 (4th);

1500m: Tanasha Santosh 4:43.49 (5th);

100m Hurdles: Isabella Hollins 16.70 (-2.3) (3rd);

Javelin: Isabella Hollins 29.58m (8th);

Pole Vault: Isabella Hollins 2.30m (2nd);

Female 17

100m: Alice Hollingsworth 13.03 (-1.2) (2nd); 12.94 (0.3) (P); Isabel Zhang 13.17 (-1.2) (5th); 13.03 (0.3) (P);

200m: Isabel Zhang 26.42 (-0.3) (4th); 26.29 (0.1) (P); Alice Hollingsworth 26.81 (-0.3) (6th); 27.05 (-0.3) (P);

Long Jump: Isabel Zhang 4.80m (-0.4) (9th);

Pole Vault: Alice Hollingsworth DNS;

Triple Jump: Isabel Zhang 10.41m (+0.0) (7th);

Female 16

100m: Julia Zaitseva 12.80 (0.5) (3rd); 12.88 (0.9) (P);

200m: Julia Zaitseva 26.12 (-1.2) (2nd); 26.50 (-0.2) (P); Jazmin Firth 27.38 (-1.2) (4th); 27.88 (-0.4) (P);

400m: Jazmin Firth 59.30 (2nd); 61.96 (P);

800m: Poppy Donaldson 2:43.07 (P); Ruby Donaldson 2:33.35 (P);

1500m: Madison King 4:35.44 (3rd); Ruby Donaldson 5:12.70 (9th); Poppy Donaldson 5:23.28 (10th);

3000m: Madison King 9:54.95 (2nd); Molly Phillips 10:41.54 (4th);

200m Hurdles: Julia Zaitseva 32.96 (-0.3) (3rd);

Discus: Jazmin Firth 31.63m (1st);

Long Jump: Allegra Orso 5.24m (0.3) (4th);

Triple Jump: Allegra Orso 11.73m (-0.4) (2nd);

Female 15

100m: Laura Wong 13.11 (-0.4) (4th); 12.90 (-0.4) (P); Adele Roche 13.23 (-0.4) (6th); 13.10 (-0.4) (P);

200m: Adele Roche 27.10 (-0.9) (6th); 26.93 (-1.1) (P); Brae Bernasconi 29.36 (-1.1) (P);

400m: Adele Roche 59.84 (3rd); 59.96 (P); Scarlett Bilsborough 64.00 (P);

800m: Serena Bryant 2:26.03 (7th); 2:27.45 (P); Olin Buisman 2:52.00 (P); Bridgette Williams 2:34.01 (P);

1500m: Serena Bryant 5:09.07 (8th); Bridgette Williams 5:12.91 (9th); Olin Buisman 5:49.68 (12th);

90m Hurdles: Laura Wong 13.54 (-1.1) (2nd);

200m Hurdles: Laura Wong 30.11 (0.4) (2nd);

High Jump: Brae Bernasconi 1.30m (7th); Adele Roche NM;

Javelin: Brae Bernasconi 23.33m (4th);

Long Jump: Abbie Jeacock 4.62m (1.1) (6th);

Triple Jump: Abbie Jeacock 9.68m (-0.4) (7th); Adele Roche DNS;

Female 14

800m: Charlotte Gibbs 2:26.89 (8th); 2:29.57 (P); Georgie Lindsay 2:34.50 (P);

1500m: Charlotte Gibbs 5:05.25 (8th);

Male 18

100m: William Wong 11.39 (-2.1) (5th); 11.43 (-0.1) (P); Tom Templeton 11.60 (0.4) (P);

200m: Tom Templeton 23.83 (1.2) (P);

800m: Liam Mischel 2:08.75 (P);

1500m: Terry Tsakiridis 4:24.98 (15th);

3000m: Xavier Wallace 9:31.55 (10th); Terry Tsakiridis 9:49.04 (11th);

110m Hurdles: William Wong 14.36 (1.2) (2nd);

400m Hurdles: Niduka Ranasinghe Arachchig 67.91 (6th);

Discus: Charlie Steen 44.57m (4th);

High Jump: Henry Sutherland 1.70m (7th);

Javelin: Charlie Steen 42.91m (7th);

Long Jump: Tom Templeton 5.86m (0.3) (8th);

Male 17

100m: Xavier Siruelo 12.43 (0.5) (P);

200m: Xavier Siruelo 26.18 (0.8) (P);

800m: Will Orchard 2:12.11 (P); James Gibbs 2:05.37 (P);

1500m: James Gibbs 4:19.90 (7th);

3000m: Dane Gray 9:24.99 (5th);

Discus: Fraser Mattinson 33.46m (5th);

Javelin: Fraser Mattinson 39.95m (4th);

Shot Put: Fraser Mattinson DQ;

Male 16

200m: Henry Dwyer 27.51 (-0.2) (P); Tully Smith 25.09 (-0.2) (P);

400m: Henry Dwyer 61.34 (P);

800m: Brady Ryan 2:01.83 (3rd); 2:05.70 (P); Archie Mattsson 2:05.43 (6th); 2:02.80 (P); Ethan Miller 2:05.86 (P); Oscar Gray 2:14.83 (P); Daniel Ball 2:16.37 (P);

1500m: Luka Sideridis 4:04.43 (2nd); Kane Hijlkema 4:15.79 (8th); Daniel Ball 4:30.40 (19th);

3000m: Kane Hijlkema 9:28.92 (7th); George Fowler 9:41.72 (10th);

2000m Steeple: George Fowler 6:47.78 (5th);

100m Hurdles: Cooper Acklom 14.68 (1.3) (4th);

200m Hurdles: Cooper Acklom 26.38 (0.2) (3rd); 29.36 (1.0) (P);

Discus: Cooper Acklom 42.21m (1st);

High Jump: Tully Smith 1.55m (8th);

Long Jump: Tully Smith 5.01m (1.6) (9th);

Pole Vault: Cooper Acklom 2.80m (3rd);

Shot Put: Cooper Acklom 12.75m (3rd);

Triple Jump: Tully Smith 11.61m (-1.2) (3rd);

Male 15

200m: Matthew Milias 23.62 (-2.4) (1st); 24.19 (-1.1) (P);

400m: Matthew Milias 51.85 (1st); 53.44 (P); Angus Brown 55.91 (4th); 54.92 (P);

800m: Angus Brown 2:03.90 (3rd); 2:08.85 (P);

1500m: Jasper Mckinna 4:50.90 (10th);

3000m: Jack Larner 10:08.75 (10th);

100m Hurdles: Matthew Milias 14.28 (-0.4) (1st);

200m Hurdles: Matthew Milias 26.38 (0.1) (1st);

Long Jump: Matthew Milias 5.94m (0.5) (2nd);

Male 14

800m: Archie Sideridis 2:12.33 (1st);

1500m: Archie Sideridis 4:21.77 (1st);

Male P17

1500m: William Short 4:48.22 (2nd)

Photo Gallery Glenhuntly AC at

2023 Victorian Athletic Track & Field Championships

Photos by JAZZ DEOL Photography and Neal Condor plus some personal pics by our members.


Contributors: Team Managers - Carl Hollins & Matt Firth (Underage Female), Michael Halloran (Underage Male)

Curated by: Kara Gilbert

Date published: 4th March, 2023

This article has been published in good faith, drawing on available data. Please contact if you notice any errors or omissions in the above results or would like to see additional content included.


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