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AVSL 2022/23 Round 6 Wrap

Glenhuntly Athletic Club – Latest News

Glenhuntly Club's Chris Winter with Emerson School athletes

Saturday 3rd December 2022

Summer definitely kicked in for AVSL Round 6 with the temperature soaring to 35 degrees, making for a hot and sweaty day of competition. Glenhuntly Athletic Club provided club helpers at the Yarra Ranges/Mt Evelyn venue and so we had a number of athletes competing there. We also had a fair showing of Hunters at the Tom Kelly Athletics Track in Doncaster. It was super to have Emerson School athletes join us at the Yarra Ranges and participate in a number of track and field events. Thank you to the AV officials for their fabulous support in accommodating the Emerson School athletes in the program on the day.

Hunters at Yarra Ranges

Emerson School athletes make their mark at Mt Evelyn

On Saturday, we welcomed 26 Emerson students and their teachers to Round 6 at Yarra Ranges. The students participated in the 100 m, 400 m, Discus and Long Jump. The students competed with great enthusiasm and provided a lot of energy to what was otherwise, a relatively quiet Yarra Ranges venue.

Glenhuntly Athletic Club has had an association with the Emerson School ( for a number of years, awarding an annual award of Glenhuntly AC/Athletics Victoria membership to a male and a female student. Supporting the strengthening of the association, Glenhuntly AC recently delivered 1 hour of coaching per week for six weeks to 22 Emerson School students, preparing them to compete at an AVSL round. Coaching was provided in throws, jumps, relay and running. Thanks to the following Glenhuntly AC members who provided the coaching:

  • Ralph Bennett

  • James Hatton

  • Michael Halloran

  • Scott Orchard

  • Genevieve O’Brien

  • Sam Toll

  • Andrew Crawley

Well done to all Emerson School athletes! It was a pleasure to have you on the Glenhuntly Team for AVSL Round 6, and we look forward to seeing you at another AVSL round in the new year. Special thanks to Chris Winter, Glenhuntly AC member who works at the Emerson School and provided not only coaching but a lot of the logistical support on the day.

- Photo Gallery Emerson School at AVSL 2022/23 Round 6 -

Photos from AV Facebook by Steve Alder-Goad (ADG Images)

Our standing on the Premiership Division Ladder

With probably our smallest turnout at AVSL this season, it was no surprise to see us finish 6th on the ladder this round. We still have our Power Play round to throw in the mix before the end of the season, so all is not lost. We look forward to seeing more Hunters sign up for the last 4 rounds to ensure we gain the points needed to achieve a much better place on the Premiers Ladder before the season's end.

Our Womens 40+ Masters team were outstanding, finishing 2nd overall in the State (wth a total of 5,647 points) on AV's 'State Age Group Scores', behind South Bendigo and ahead of Diamond Vally.

There are only 4 rounds of AVSL left before Play Offs. To be eligible for Play Offs, make sure you have competed in at least 3 AVSL rounds. Contact your Team Managers for more information on eligibility.

AVSL Premier Division Ladder – Round 6 Results

Most Valuable Athletes

Congratulations to the following athletes who earned a place on Athletic Victoria's 100 Most Valuable Athletes list for Round 6:

  • 18th Isabel Zhang 1,345 points F16

  • 43rd Alexander Newman 1,229 points M45

  • 47th Charlie Steen 1,217 points M18

  • 87th Heather Carr 1,094 points F70

"100 Most Valuable Athletes" - Isabel Zhang. Photo by Steve Alder-Goad, ADG Images.

Highlights of the Day


  • Anna Ross set a new record for the Hammer Throw F35–39 category with a throw of 11.29 m.

  • Gwen Steed re-broke her 1500m Walk record in the F80–84 category with a time of 10 m 40.9 seconds. We believe this also breaks her Victorian and Australian record, and await ratification.

  • Special mention to Aggie Byers who unofficially re-broke her 80m hurdles record in the F40–44 category with a time of 16.51 seconds (taking off a massive 1.5 seconds); albeit, the time was wind-assisted (>2.0) so cannot be officially recognised as a record.

Open Women

  • We had 4 athletes overall compete on the day - Avestina Zhong and Anna Ross at Doncaster and Katharine Wright and Catherine Burton at Yarra Ranges.

  • This small but strong contingent racked up 2, 156 points for the club and finished 5th on AV's 'State Age Group Scores'.

  • It was terrific to see Anna Ross back in action after minor injury, and breaking records while she was at it - congrats to Anna on her Hammer Throw club record.

Katharine Wright at Yarra Ranges. Photo by Steve Alder-Goad, ADG Images.

Open Men

  • Four athletes held the fort for our Open Men's team on Saturday.

  • Great efforts by sprinters, Jesse McKenna, Attila Baranyay and Josh Steyn-Ross.

  • Thrower, Sebastian Zammit, earned the most points (796) for our Open Men.

Attila Baranyay (L) and Jesse McKenna (R) at Yarra Ranges.. Photo by Steve Alder-Goad, ADG Images

Underage Women

  • We had good representation at both venues this week.

  • Well done to our 800 m runners who all ran strong races in Heat #1 at Doncaster: Tanasha Santosh F18 (3rd, 2:19.25), Emma Wadley F20 (7th, 2:22.45) and Thanya Vijayakumar F18 (10th, 2:25.43) and Ella Wilson F18 who took off more than 4 seconds off her debut run last week in Heat #4 this week (4th, 2:35.99).

  • Serena Bryant put in a great effort to finish 4th F14 over the line in the 3000 m at Doncaster (11:34.0)

  • Isabel Zhang F16 easily won her heat of the 400 m (63.74) at Yarra Ranges, her first time to run this as an individual race (having only ever run the distance in relays).

  • Layla Martin, our Emerson School scholarship recipient, also did well in her 400 m in the heat at Yarra Ranges (1:58.8)

Hunters, Alice Hollingsworth F16 and Isabel Zhang F16, at Yarra Ranges. Photo by Steve Alder-Goad, ADG Images.

Underage Men

  • After a few big weeks of All School and Vic Relay Championships, our numbers were down in the under age categories this week.

  • Charlie Steen was the highest points scorer for the team accumulating 1217 points across four events - 100m, discus, javelin and long jump - and making it into AV's Top 100 Athletes list.

  • It was good to see Jack Larner having his first run on the track for the club in the 3000 m after competing in the winter XC season - well done Jack.

William Howe M20 in the 800 m at Doncaster. Photo by Joanna Margiolis.

Masters Women

  • It was great to see Kellie Macknamara run in her first AVSL race this season - 800 m (3:05.37) at Doncaster.

  • The rest of use were based at Yarra Ranges. Combined, we produced magnificent results to finish #2 on the W40+ state ladder.

  • Gwen Steed is smashing the walk, breaking her 1500 m Walk (10:40.89) club record again! We are awaiting to see if this also stands as the new Vic and Aus records.

  • Aggie Byers didn't miss a beat in her 80 m Hurdles (16.51) - she took 1.5 s off her own record, and would have surely sealed the record officially if it weren't for a tailwind of 2.6 ( a tailwind >2 means the record is not 'official').

  • Shout out to Svitlana Korchova who is proving herself to be a powerhouse on the track. A newcomer to track, she stripped seconds off her previous times in both the 100 m (15.79) and 400 m (75.90), coming within 0.5 s of Kellie Macknamara's 400 m W45-49 club record. Watch this space!

  • It was fabulous to see Kylie Irshad back in action and performing very strongly in the 3000 m Walk (17:09.99).

  • Heather Carr W70 (1,094 points) and Toni Matters W50 (746 points) earned the most points for W40+.

Our Masters Women walkers and both current club record holders, Gwen Steed F80 and Kylie Irshad F50.

Masters Men

  • The Males Masters had another consistent contribution, with 8 blokes providing 5051 points to the club total. Athletes competed at both venues.

  • Blokes scoring more than 400 points included:

    • Antony Van Eeten (800m),

    • Mickael Soussan (1500m),

    • Peter Rushen (3000m),

    • Andrew Crawley (discus) and

    • Alexander Newman (discus and shot put)

Andrew Crawley M50 in action at Yarra Ranges. Photo by Steve Alder-Goad, ADG Images.

Next Round

Round 7 will be a TWIGHLIGHT meet on Saturday 17th December 2022. Glenhuntly Athletic Club will be providing club helpers at the Casey Fields (the other venue hosting competition will be Moonee Valley Athletics Track in Aberfeldie).

Glenhuntly Athletic Club is allocated to Metropolitan Zone B (refer to AVSL Zones). Our club has rostering commitments to Zone B venues with respect to supplying Club Helpers at each round (refer to Zone B – Club Duty Roster), hence: Glenhuntly Athletic Club encourages our athletes to attend the Zone B venues for competition.

Note, we appreciate some athletes will preference Zone A for event-specific purposes – that is okay!

Here are the remaining Rounds/Venues in Zone B where Glenhuntly Athletic Club will need to supply Club Helpers:

  • Casey Fields Regional Athletics Centre (Casey) – Round 7

  • Mackinnon Athletic Track (Murrumbeena) – Round 8

  • Yarra Ranges Athletic Track (Yarra Ranges) – Round 9


Glenhuntly Results Round 6 – as posted on the Athletics Victoria Results Hub


100m: Katharine Wright 13.36 (3.3); Catherine Burton 16.94 (2.6);

200m: Avestina Zhong 27.86 (+0.0);

400m: Katharine Wright 63.70; Catherine Burton 80.44; Chiara Zagame DNS;

800m: Anna Ross 3:01.30;

Discus: Catherine Burton 16.52m;

Hammer: Anna Ross 11.29m;

Long Jump: Catherine Burton 3.25m (0.2);

Shot Put: Anna Ross 5.64m; Avestina Zhong DNS;

Triple Jump: Avestina Zhong 6.45m;


200m: Emma Wadley 29.25 (0.7);

800m: Emma Wadley 2:22.45;


800m: Tanasha Santosh 2:19.25; Thanya Vijayakumar 2:25.43; Ella Wilson 2:35.99;

Discus: Madeleine Edwards 27.23m;


100m: Isabel Zhang 13.01 (-0.5); Alice Hollingsworth 13.04 (-0.5); Layla Marvin 21.08 (2.6);

400m: Layla Marvin 1:58.80; Isabel Zhang 63.74;

90m Hurdles: Alice Hollingsworth 14.48 (1.4);

Long Jump: Isabel Zhang 4.89m;

Triple Jump: Allegra Orso 11.46m;


100m: Laura Wong 12.92 (+0.0);

3000m: Serena Bryant 11:34.0h;

80m Hurdles: Laura Wong 12.57 (1.3);


100m: Aggie Byers 15.28 (2.8); Svitlana Korchova 15.79 (3.4); Lisa Deramond 18.90 (2.6); Louise McLean DNS; Kara Gilbert DNS;

200m: Kellie Macknamara DNS;

400m: Lisa Deramond 1:34.90; Kara Gilbert 75.31; Svitlana Korchova 75.90;

800m: Kellie Macknamara 3:05.37;

1500m: Kim Nanscawen 6:14.95; Kara Gilbert 6:23.80; Lisa Deramond 7:16.82;

80m Hurdles: Aggie Byers 16.51 (2.6);

1500m Walk: Gwen Steed 10:40.89;

3000m Walk: Kylie Irshad 17:09.99; Heather Carr 19:27.19;

Discus: Heather Carr 10.31m; Lisa Deramond NM; Kara Gilbert 10.11m;

Hammer: Toni Matters 20.51m;

Javelin: Heather Carr 9.78m;

Long Jump: Aggie Byers 3.55m;

Shot Put: Toni Matters 9.48m;


100m: Jesse McKenna 10.62 (2.2); Attila Baranyay 11.30 (2.2);

200m: Josh Steyn-Ross 22.65 (1.5); Theo Soldati DNS;

Discus: Sebastian Zammit 31.91m;

Javelin: Sebastian Zammit 35.53m;


100m: Seb Hadaway 11.19 (2.2);

400m: Seb Hadaway DNS;

800m: William Howe 2:13.4h;

Discus: William Leaso 17.67m;


100m: Charlie Steen 13.28 (2.3); William Wong DNS;

200m: Lachlan Marriner 22.57 (0.5); Jordan Drescher 23.27 (1.5); Tyler De Sa 24.75 (0.9); Nathan Golonka 25.16 (1.5);

110m Hurdles: William Wong DNS;

Discus: Charlie Steen 39.58m;

Javelin: Charlie Steen 37.79m; 40.87m;

Long Jump: Charlie Steen 5.03m;

Triple Jump: Nathan Golonka 11.49m;


3000m: George Fowler 10:00.9h;

Triple Jump: Karar Al-Zubaidy DNS;


3000m: Jack Larner 10:42.1h;


100m: Alexander Newman 12.89 (0.9); Andrew Crawley 16.36 (0.7);

200m: Antony Van Eeten 28.55 (+0.0);

800m: Antony Van Eeten 2:15.0h;

1500m: Mickael Soussan 4:44.55;

3000m: Peter Rushen 11:01.8h; Jamie Rossjohn 11:04.2h;

1500m Walk: Ralph Bennett DQ;

Discus: Mickael Soussan 15.19m; Andrew Crawley 31.24m; Alexander Newman 35.86m; Jeff Lang 17.67m;

Javelin: Mickael Soussan 19.05m; Andrew Crawley 25.22m; Jeff Lang 13.28m;

Long Jump: Andrew Crawley 2.89m (2.8);

Pole Vault: Alexander Newman DNS;

Shot Put: Kurt Golonka 6.08m; Alexander Newman 10.34m

- Photo Gallery Round 6 AVSL 2022/23 -

Photos from AV Facebook by Steve Alder-Goad (ADG Images) and Joanna Margiolis, plus some personal pics by our members


Contributors: Team Managers - Jenny King (Open Women), Chris Byron (Open Men), Carl Hollins & Matt Firth (Underage W), Michael Halloran (Underage Men), Kara Gilbert (Masters Women), Andrew Crawley (Masters Men)

Curated by: Kara Gilbert

Date published: 7th December, 2022

This article has been published in good faith, drawing on available data. Please contact if you notice any errors or omissions in the above results or would like to see additional content included.


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