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The Phil Hutton Challenge

Glenhuntly Athletic Club – Latest News

In commemoration of his absolute and unwavering devotion to Glenhuntly Athletics Club, the inaugural Phil Hutton Challenge in 2023 marks the beginning of the new winter season for the Hunters.

8 am, Saturday 1st April 2023

Lap of the Tan

(start/finishPillars of Wisdom)

As we all know, Phil wholeheartedly loved Glenhuntly Athletic Club and our athletes, particularly the distance running community and XCR. The Phil Hutton Challenge aims to foster the culture and camaraderie he valued, in preparation for a successful and enjoyable winter season.

Lap of the Tan – 3.827 km

Glenhuntly athletes, friends, family and newcomers are invited to meet at the Pillars of Wisdom on the 1st of April for a free, timed 1-lap race around the Tan track.

Many athletes will relish the opportunity to set an early benchmark at the beginning of the season, something by which to measure their progress throughout the XCR season which ultimately culminates in the Tan Relays as the XCR finale in September.

You don't have to be a registered Glenhuntly AC member to participate.

Entry is open to all, and we encourage newcomers.

The event will also provide athletes, families, friends and newcomers the opportunity to gather together before the commencement of the XCR season, to get to know their Team Managers and fellow XCR participants.

Event Details

Date: Saturday 1st April, 2023

Location: Tan Track – Pillars of Wisdom (the official start-finish line near Swan St Bridge)

Time: Meet 8 am for Race Start at 8:15 am

Cost: Free

Registration: Via link above


8.00 AM Pre-race briefing

8.15 AM Race start

8.45 AM Presentations (including age-group prizes and spot prizes)

9.15 AM Breakfast at local cafe (venue TBC)


If you have any questions, please contact the Race Director – Sam Toll.



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