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AVSL 2022/23 Round 2 Wrap

Glenhuntly Athletic Club – Latest News

Saturday 15th October 2022

It was great to have competition back at Duncan McKinnon. Saturday was the first of 4 AVSL meets that will be held at our home track this season. There was a strong increase in club members who competed. After some very wet weather leading into the weekend conditions were good with light winds and plenty of sunshine. Once again, Glenhuntly Athletic Club demonstrated our strength in the relays, fielding 6 relay teams in the 4x200 event, generating huge points for the club. We are on track for strong participation in the VIC Relay Championships on 26th November.

Highlight of the day

Archie Sideridis unofficially broke the world record for a 10 year old boy in the 1500 M. His time of 4:24.3 bettered the previous time of 4:26.4 held by Daniel Skandera of the USA. It appears that the junior world records are compiled by an individual rather than an athletics committee or governing body. Of note, all of the records from age 14 for the Boys 1500 M are held by Jacob Ingebrigsten from Norway – and this guy has been a sensation for a number of years. So, the listing does appear to have some legitimacy. Regardless of the world record, it was a great run by Archie and for the second week in a row he bettered the GHY U13 1500m club record.

Welcome to newcomers

Welcome to new members who made their debut in track & field for Glenhuntly AC:

  • Chilli Rivalland F18

  • Keira Van der Linden

  • Jacinta Crowley F16

  • Scarlett Bilsborough

  • Emma Wilson

  • Svitlana Korchova W40+

  • Thisal Pasqual M18

  • Cooper Acklom M16

  • Fraser Mattinson M16

  • Shamir Freedman M14

including members returning after a period of absence:

  • Avestina Zhong

  • Madeleine Edwards

Our standing on the Premier Division Ladder

Our AVSL Round 2 provisional finish was 3rd, much improved from Round 1. This will likely see us move into the 5th position on the ladder after 2 rounds.

Most Valuable Athletes

Congratulations to the following athletes who scored the most points for our club on the day and earned a place on Athletics Victoria’s top 100 Most Valuable Athletes. This listing identifies athletes who have scored the most points for their club each round, taking into account all athletes competing across all venues in Victoria for Round 1.

  • 5th Cooper Acklom M16 1410 points

  • 12th Andrew Crawley M55 1342 points

  • 37th Jaikiah Honner M16 1197 points

  • 63rd Alexander Newman M45 1141 points

  • 86th Toni Matters F50 1066 points

Club Helpers

Each club must supply a minimum number of club helpers at each round of AVSL. Glenhuntly AC relies on parents, partners, friends and our competing athletes to fill the B Zone Club Duty Roster each week. Our AVSL competitions couldn’t happen without the fabulous efforts of our club helpers. A big thank you to the following people who were our club helpers at the Knox venue for Round 2:

  • Kurt Golonka, Michael Halloran, Frank De Sa, Max Binnington, Eric Wong, Jamie Rossjohn, Heather Carr, Larissa Honner, Trudy Jeacock , Jessica Roche, Andrew Crawley, Anna Ross, Madeleine Edwards, Drew Edwards, Lyndon Loader, Jo Whittle, Christina Goodman, Julie De Sa

Breaking records in the Walk events – Kylie Irshad W50+ and Gwen Steed W80+


The following club records were broken:

  • Madison King broke the Female U15 1500m record in a time of 4:34.9h.

  • Kylie Irshad broke the Female 50-54 3000m walk record in a time of 16:33.8h.

  • Archie Sideridis re-broke his Male U13 1500m record from the week before in a time of 4:24.3h. This is also an unofficial world record for a 10 year old (see more details below).

The following club records were set:

  • Gwen Steed set a new record in the Female 80-84 3000m walk in a time of 21:41.3h.

Maddie King on her way to breaking the U15 1500 M club record.

Open Women

  • Our Open Women scored 3,550 points to seal 2nd position on the State Age Group scores for Round 2. Well done, team!

Open Men

  • Our Open Men put in some great efforts on the day in both track and field.

Junior Girls

  • Great to see 5 new Junior Girls compete for the Hunters on Saturday making up a strong team of 20 and contributing a handy 11,576 points for the day

  • The girls enjoyed the relay event and contributed to 3 Hunters teams on the day

Hunters' Emma Wadley (L) and Maddie KIng (R) in the 1500 M.

Under Age Men

  • It was great to see a good increase in under age competitors who contributed 7406 points for the club on the day. 8 team members also competed in multiple events

  • The U16s scored 5323 points (2nd highest of any U16 team) with Cooper Acklom, Jaikiah Honner, Fraser Mattinson and Henry Dwyer the major points contributors.

  • Several team members scored more than 400 points for an individual event with Nicholas Goodman the highest scoring 497 points in the 100m

  • Whilst Archie Sideridis’ has broken the club record two weeks in a row, his 1500m time is an U14 national qualifying time and with Archie still 10 years old it is an unofficial world record for a 10 year old beating previous time by 2 seconds

Masters Women

  • Our walkers did us proud! Gwen Steed set a new club record and shattered both the existing Victorian and Australian F80 records in the Female 80-84 3000m walk in a time of 21:41.3h. Kylie Irshad broke the Female 50-54 3000m walk record in a time of 16:33.8h

  • Our W40+ 4 x 200 M relay team - Aggie Byers, Svitlana Korchova, Joelle Jones and Kara Gilbert - put in a huge effort to storm home and beat their rivals, Mentone AC.

  • Toni Matters never lets us down - she was a massive point scorer in her 3 field events: Discus, Javelin and Long Jump.

  • Great to see Svitlana Korchova make her Track & Field debut - massive runs in her 100 m and 400 m.

At the end of the day – getting ready to run the 400 M

Masters Men

  • The Male Masters contributed 5879 points to the club total. This placed us 8th in the round 2 Males Masters across the state, with Diamond Valley Male Masters amassing an impressive 11,384 points - so we have a bit of work to do!

  • Blokes scoring over 400 points included Antony Van Eeten (800m, 3000m), Mickael Soussan (1500m), Alex Newman (discus), Ben Hodgens (shot put) & Andrew Crawley (hammer, discus & shot put).

Peter Rushen M60+ 1500 M

Next SOCIAL event – Glenhuntly Athletic Club

  • BBQ

  • When: Thursday 27th of October, 6:45-7.30pm

  • Where: Duncan McKinnon Athletic Track

  • Special guest speaker: Glenhuntly Olympian, Rhydian Cowley.

  • Please reply using the RSVP form.

Next Round

Round 3 will be at Knox Venue. Entries close midday 19th October 2022 – Click Here to Enter (note: this is the link to the Rev Sport portal)

VIC Relay Track Championships 2022

If you are interested in competing in the VIC Relay Championships on 26th November 2022 at the Box Hill Athletic Track, please let your team manager know.

The following relay events are in the draft schedule:

  • 4x100m

  • 4x400m

  • 4x800m U18 only

  • 4x1500m No Under Age

  • Medley (2x200, 1x400, 1x800) U16, U18 and Open only


Glenhuntly Results Round 1as posted on the Athletics Victoria Results Hub

FOP 100m: Avestina Zhong 13.63 (1.6); Katharine Wright 13.67 (0.2); Anna Ross 14.40 (0.9); Catherine Burton 17.00 (2.0); Jennifer King DNS; 400m: Amy McKinley 61.19; Katharine Wright 64.97; Avestina Zhong 65.05; Catherine Burton 82.73; 100m Hurdles: Jennifer King DNS; 4x200m: (Alice Hollingsworth, Anna Ross, Amy McKinley, Katharine Wright) 1:52.04; (Rozlyn Walker, Chilli Rivalland, Emma Wadley, Catherine Burton) 2:16.19; Discus: Catherine Burton 18.00m; Anna Ross 16.98m; Long Jump: Catherine Burton 3.05m; Jennifer King DNS; Anna Ross 3.30m; Avestina Zhong 3.29m; F20 1500m: Emma Wadley 4:51.8h; Javelin: Gemma Craddock 29.20m; F18 100m: Thanya Vijayakumar DNS; 400m: Thanya Vijayakumar 60.65; Chilli Rivalland 79.54; 1500m: Keira Van der Linden 5:46.8h; Discus: Isabella Hollins 18.98m; Madeleine Edwards 22.74m; Javelin: Isabella Hollins 23.33m; Long Jump: Isabella Hollins DNS; Shot Put: Madeleine Edwards 10.01m; F16 100m: Isabel Zhang 13.30 (2.2); Allegra Orso 13.66 (1.2); 400m: Ruby Donaldson 68.18; Jacinta Crowley 68.93; 1500m: Madison King 4:34.9h; Ruby Donaldson 5:15.5h; 90m Hurdles: Alice Hollingsworth 14.40 (1.1); 4x200m: (Adele Roche, Scarlett Bilsborough, Abbie Jeacock, Isabel Zhang) 1:55.33; Long Jump: Isabel Zhang 4.80m; Allegra Orso DNS; Triple Jump: Allegra Orso DNS; F14 100m: Laura Wong 12.80 (1.6); Adele Roche 13.68 (1.6); Scarlett Bilsborough 14.33 (2.5); Abbie Jeacock 14.34 (2.5); Emma Wilson 14.88 (1.4); 400m: Adele Roche 65.33; 1500m: Serena Bryant 5:11.0h; Olin Buisman 5:53.3h; 80m Hurdles: Laura Wong 12.71 (0.5); Emma Wilson 16.00 (1.3); 1500m Walk: Olin Buisman 9:30.9h; Long Jump: Abbie Jeacock 4.54m; F40 100m: Aggie Byers 15.24 (0.9); Kara Gilbert 16.22 (0.5); Svitlana Korchova 16.66 (0.3); Joelle Jones 16.85 (1.5); 400m: Kara Gilbert 75.59; Svitlana Korchova 81.37; Joelle Jones 85.33; Rozlyn Walker 86.77; 1500m: Rozlyn Walker 6:28.8h; 3000m Walk: Kylie Irshad 16:33.8h; Heather Carr 18:48.6h; Gwen Steed 21:41.3h; Discus: Toni Matters 26.82m; Javelin: Heather Carr 10.75m; Toni Matters 23.32m; Long Jump: Toni Matters 3.23m; Aggie Byers 3.40m; MOP 100m: Chris Byron 11.73 (-0.1); Theo Soldati 12.76 (0.7); Sebastian Zammit 13.82 (0.7); 4x200m: (Chris Byron, Cooper Acklom, Nathan Golonka, Tyler De Sa) 1:39.41; Discus: Sebastian Zammit 32.64m; Chris Byron 15.75m; Javelin: Sebastian Zammit 33.19m; Long Jump: Theo Soldati 4.98m; M20 1500m: William Howe 4:33.7h; M18 100m: Tyler De Sa 11.85 (-0.1); Nathan Golonka 12.60 (0.3); Thisal Pasqual DNS; 200m: Thisal Pasqual 25.74 (0.5); 400m: Kevin Zhou 54.39; Nathan Golonka DNS; Discus: Charlie Steen DNS; Javelin: Charlie Steen DNS; Long Jump: Nathan Golonka 5.29m; M16 100m: Nicholas Goodman 11.46 (+0.0); Jaikiah Honner 11.83 (+0.0); Cooper Acklom 12.22; Xavier Siruelo 12.83 (0.7); Henry Dwyer 13.65 (+0.0); 400m: Jaikiah Honner 57.59; Henry Dwyer 62.63; Ethan Miller DNS; 1500m: Will Orchard 5:02.2h; 100m Hurdles: Cooper Acklom DNS; 4x200m: (Xavier Siruelo, Henry Dwyer, Jaikiah Honner, Nicholas Goodman) 1:43.71; Discus: Jaikiah Honner 22.22m; Cooper Acklom 39.25m; Fraser Mattinson 32.81m; Javelin: Cooper Acklom 36.93m; Fraser Mattinson 36.13m; Long Jump: Jaikiah Honner DNS; Pole Vault: Henry Dwyer DNS; M14 100m: Archie Sideridis DNS; 400m: Archie Sideridis DNS; 1500m: Archie Sideridis 4:24.3h; Shamir Freedman 4:41.3h; M40 100m: Alexander Newman 12.79 (2.2); Kurt Golonka DNS; Kulan Ranasinghe DNS; 200m: Antony Van Eeten 28.53 (1.6); Ben Hodgens DNS; 400m: Kulan Ranasinghe 57.51; Kurt Golonka DNS; Mickael Soussan DNS; 800m: Antony Van Eeten 2:16.2h; 1500m: Mickael Soussan 4:42.2h; Jamie Rossjohn 5:16.5h; Peter Rushen 5:33.4h; 3000m: Antony Van Eeten 9:49.1h; Discus: Kurt Golonka 22.98m; Andrew Crawley 32.92m; Alexander Newman 28.37m; Hammer: Andrew Crawley 32.42m; Ben Hodgens DNS; Javelin: Kurt Golonka 16.50m; Pole Vault: Alexander Newman 3.30m; Shot Put: Andrew Crawley 10.50m; William Little DNS; Ben Hodgens 10.52m; Triple Jump: Ben Hodgens DNS

- Photo Gallery Glenhuntly Athletic Club Ekiden Relays @ St Anne's Myrniong-


Contributors: Team Managers - Jenny King (Open Women), Chris Byron (Open Men), Carl Hollins & Matt Firth (Underage W), Michael Halloran (Underage Men), Kara Gilbert (Masters Women), Andrew Crawley (Masters Men)

Curated by: Kara Gilbert

Date published: 18th October, 2022

This article has been published in good faith, drawing on available data. Please contact if you notice any errors or omissions in the above results or would like to see additional content included.


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