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Prizes for Winter Series 21-22

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Awards for awesome-ness

We might have had a rather small turnout to our virtual races this year, in 2021, compared with the mass participation we saw in our virtual races of last year, but that didn't detract from the awesome efforts of our participants. We thought some of them deserved special recognition and so we have decided, impromptu, to award spot prizes.

The spot prizes have not been determined on any particular criteria. Rather, they have been decided on a whim, based on the inspiration the individuals gave us at the time with their running efforts.

Congratulations to our 'Spot Prize' winners!


Madison King

Madison really put the wind up our Open athletes in virtual Race #1. She ran a very slick 3 kilometres, clocking 10:26, the second fastest time overall, out of all our male and female open athletes. And, she's only 13 years old.

Madison is building a terrific base, having won the gold medal in her age group at the last of our last XCR meets this season when she ran 4 km in 14:06. Congratulations, Madison!

Javan Schultz

Javan was one of two Emerson School athletes awarded the Nicholas Hum Scholarship in 2020. This is a scholarship awarded annually by the Glenhuntly Athletic Club to an Emerson School student who has demonstrated dedication and commitment to athletics; to support their ongoing participation in the sport.

And, Javan did just this, showing what he is made of by being the only male junior athlete with the tenacity to toe the line for both Race #1 and Race #2. As Ron Clarke, former world champion and Glenhuntly athlete, emphasised: consistency is the staple of success. Congratulations, Javan!

Dana Dekkers

Dana has been going from strength to strength in 2021. Coming off the back of a super summer track season, she really made her mark in the Winter XCR Open competition, finishing her best ever in Athletic Victoria's XCR at Cruden Farm with a 5th placing.

Of course, this means that Dana has been beating a lot of blokes! In her chosen events of the Hunters Winter Series, she secured outright #1 athlete, male and female, in both Race #1 and Race #2. Congratulations, Dana!

Kellie Macknamara

Welcome back, Kellie! You have had a tough trot on your cancer journey and it is now soooo good to see you back in action with the Hunters. A long-time club stalwart, Kellie has mixed it with the best in club races over the years, always giving 110%.

It takes guts to put yourself on the line when you know you still have a lot of work to do and are used to running super fast. Actually, Kellie left most of the Masters women in her wake in Races #1 and #2. She is a tough competitor.

We admire Kellie for her resilience in coming back so soon after her cancer recovery, and having the courage to 'race' again. Your participation in this series has been an inspiration to us all. Congratulations, Kellie!


Recipients of the spot prizes will each receive an item of Glenhuntly apparel, of their choice from the following options: water bottle, cap or beanie

Author: Kara Gilbert @ KMG Communications

Date: 22 September, 2021


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