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XCR22 Round 3: Cruden Farm

Glenhuntly Athletic Club - Latest News

Hunters at Cruden Farm
JAZZ DEOL Photography [IG: @quadsoffury]

Solid results for the Hunters at Cruden Farm

The longest cross-country course on the winter program, Cruden Farm typically evokes much trepidation amongst athletes in its lead up. While it might be regarded as one of Australia’s finest examples of landscape gardening, the farm never fails to serve up its fair share of mud, rugged hills and boggy mire. This year we were blessed! The sun was out which made for much fairer running conditions than in recent years.

Glenhuntly club athletes ready to race

Team results

Men's teams

Our Men’s Premier Team were short of their usual contingent due to injury. They finished in 7th position. A special mention to Masters’ athlete, Andrew McEvoy M50+, who held the fort by coming home 6th Glenhuntly athlete overall on the day to make his run count for the Premier Team. The result saw the Men’s Premier Team moving back down into 6th position on the ladder, but just 1 point behind Melbourne University and 4 points below St Stephens. St Anne’s Ekiden relay is going to be a game-breaker if they are to continue building momentum towards the podium spots.

Andrew McEvoy bringing it home for the Men's Premier Team

Women's teams

Our Women’s Premier Team continued to shine, and this time it was their turn to take the number 1 position on the day. The 5 Premier athletes came home strongly, all finishing in the top 20. This positions the women at the top of the ladder, setting them up very nicely at the front end of the season. Our Division 2 team also did well to finish 4th. Our Masters women continue to put on a good show, with podium results in the W40+ (2nd) and the W50+ long (3rd) and W50+ short (1st) courses. Kudos to our new club members, Joelle Jones and Michele Forbes, who both successfully attacked the 8 KM course. Our W60+ athletes, Lisa Deramond and Victoria Haritos, also deserve a special mention, both producing standout results in the W55+ rankings .

Masters' women having a ball at Cruden Farm

Junior teams

Well done to our Junior boys and girl, who delivered some solid performances. Best placed on the day were Serena Bryant who finished 6th in the U14 Girls 5 KM and Archie Sideridis who finished 4th in the U14 Boys 5 KM. The junior teams continue to be reasonably well positioned on the ladders given their relatively small numbers, and we look forward to seeing them run at coming rounds.

Nicholas Chambers in the U18 Men 8 KM

Special Mentions

It is terrific to have two athletes back in the Hunters fold after some time away. Now both running in the Masters’ competition, these two women are also kicking goals for the Women’s Premier and Division 2 teams with their stellar performances counting towards the Open teams’ results.

Fiona Noble competed with the club some years ago, and she has running in her bloodline. Her father, Gordon Noble, was a stalwart athlete who (although not a Hunter!) was a great mate and training partner for many of his era, including Trevor Vincent and co. Her uncle is the world renowned Australian marathon legend, Derek Clayton. Fiona’s comeback last year was waylaid by COVID, but she is now full steam ahead with XCR this year - and on the back of a very successful summer triathlon season where she finished 2nd place W40+ in the 2XU Tri Sprint Series. Fiona finished in the top 10 of the W40+ category at Cruden Farm on Saturday, which sets her up well for the Gold Coast half marathon scheduled on Saturday 2 July.

Fiona Noble on the course at Cruden Farm

Anna Munro is running royalty and one of Victoria’s best ever distance runners. A former Australian representative at IAAF World Cross Country Championships, IAAF World Road Running Championships and Commonwealth Games, Anna competed with great success at an international level for more than 9 years, from 2003 to 2011. A dual world cross country teams bronze medallist (2006 Japan, 2008 Scotland), Anna also won the Australian Half Marathon title in 2003. Anna still packs a good punch in the Open ranks, and it is terrific to have her back racing with the Hunters. Anna blitzed the W45+ category, winning by a margin of more than 6 minutes over 2nd place (wow!) She was 11th woman across the line on the day.

Anna Munro back in action at XCR

- Summary of results -

Podium-equivalent results in yellow highlight


Open 12 KM

Premier Division – 1st

7th Erika Florez 45:52

9th Anna Kentwell 46:39

11th Anna Munro 46:52 (1st W45+)

13th Cassie Little 47:09

17th Alexandria Anthony 48:10

Division 2 – 4th

27th Dana Dekkers 49:20

45th Fiona Noble 51:53 (9th W40+)

52nd Rebecca Kirkham 53:04

69th Aimee Davenport 56:38

W U14 5 KM – 5th 6th Serena Bryant 21:25

W40+ 12 KM Team 1 – 2nd

1st Anna Munro 46:52 (1st W45+)

9th Fiona Noble 51:43

21st Gill Highnam 56:55 (10th W50+)

W 50+ Short course 8 KM – 1st 4th Roz Walker 42:58

9th Joelle Jones 54:56

11th Michele Forbe 1:02:20

W50+ 12 KM Team 1 – 3rd

10th Gill Highnam 56:55 (W50+)

11th Kim Nanscawen 58:36 (1st W55+)

21st Kara Gilbert 1:06:35 (W50+)

W50+ 12 KM Team 2 – 8th

Lisa Deramond 1:07:16 (1st W60+)

Victoria Haritos 1:11:13 (2nd W60+)


Open 12 KM

Premier Division – 7th

13th Samuel Toll 38:28

24th Ben Kelly 39:56

58th Jack Highnam 41:29

73rd Denyan Claxton 42:23

78th Tom McFarlane 42:48

94th Andrew McEvoy 44:14 (2nd, M50+)

Division 2 – 9th

118th Long Nguyen 45:24

123rd Antony Van Eeten 45:38

133rd Antonio Russo 46:03 (5th M50+)

144th Harrison Dziubinski 46:43

150th Dale Woodbridge 47:06

205th Joel Samsu 51:41

Division 4 – 6th

215th Bradley Wynne 52:20

251st Martin Fry 55:27 (21st, M50+)

266th Simon Bowly 57:07

299th Joseph Murphy 1:02:03 (11th M60+)

304th Michael Ryan 1:03:01 (12th M60+)

Division 5 – 7th

307th John O'Leary 1:04:12 (M55+)

314th Rob Dunbar 1:07:45 (M60+)

316th Angelo Portelli 1:08:03 (38th M50+)

329th Ian Rands 1:22:27 (23rd M60+)

M U18 8 KM – 3rd 7th Aidan Velten 27:59

14th Xavier Wallace 30:21

M U16 6 KM – 4th 8th Kane Hijlkema 22:08

18th George Fowler 23:02

25th William Short 25:16

M U14 5 KM – 5th

4th Archie Sideridis 18:20

M50+ 12 KM Team 1 – 2nd

2nd Andrew McEvoy 44:14

5th Antonio Russo 46:03

21st Martin Fry 55:27 (21st, M50+)

M50+ 12 KM Team 2 – 21st

67th Joseph Murphy 1:02:03 (11th M60+)

71st Michael Ryan 1:03:01 (12th M60+)

74th John O'Leary 1:04:12 (M55+)

M 50+ 12 KM Team 3 – 22nd

79th Rob Dunbar 1:07:45 (M60+)

81st Angelo Portelli 1:08:03 (38th M50+)

93rd Ian Rands 1:22:27 (23rd M60+)

M 60+ 12 KM Team 1 – 2nd

11th Joe Murphy 1:02:03

12th Mick Ryan 1:03:01

16th Rob Dunbar 1:07:45

M60+ 12 Km Team 2 – 16th

Ian Rands 1:22:27 (23rd M60+)

- Photo Gallery Glenhuntly Athletic Club @ Cruden Farm -

Photos by JAZZ DEOL Photography and De Castella Run Coaching plus some personal pics by our members

Author: Kara Gilbert

Date published: 1st June, 2022

This article has been published in good faith, drawing on available data. Please contact if you notice any errors or omissions in the above results or would like to see additional content included.


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